Work Process Wednesday!

Today I’m going to give a bit of my work process, which also overlaps my daily life in general… (insert drumroll)


The reason why this kit is important is because of sensory issues and fidgeting needs (in the Autism community, this is called ‘stimming’ which is more vital and necessary than fidgeting for a Neurotypical). I use my kit to survive a world not built to accommodate Autistic business owners, or Autistic folks in general. Depending on your needs, your kit will be different from mine depending on what you need to “survive”.

  1. I will be the first to admit, I have what others consider “junk” in my kit. I chew on little plastic pull-tops from soy milk cartons. Instead of just throwing them away, I use them and then dispose of them.
  2. Chewlery. Chewable jewelry made of food-grade silicone, safe for chewing and meant for it. I prefer to support which is owned by an Autistic business owner.
  3. Infinity bubble wrap cell phone case (which, I don’t have the right cell phone for, however it’s very worth carrying around despite that). Another Stimtastic purchase.
  4. A soft ribbon-like elastic hair tie. I keep this around for the textile sensory enjoyment, and the springy-ness.
  5. Endless edamame keychain! The little soy beans are attached to the inside of the pod, and one has a cute little face on it. It’s a great stress reliever. I found that one on
  6. “Please Give Me Space” button ‘flair’ pin that I made with a low battery symbol on it, it’s a very large button the size of my palm, and it’s bright red so that others can see it easily and know to give me some space, can be used for many reasons, even if you’re not on the Autism Spectrum.
  7. Lalaloopsy minis. Confession time: I love these little dolls. I collect certain ones, and change them out of my kit on occasion. I’m mesmerized by the size (I love miniature figurines), and the way that the little legs move, and the sound they make when swung gently.
  8. A custom made miniature plushie that fits in my hand, from an amazing artist at a little, super soft, sleeping wolf with beads sewn on for tactile stimulation. One of my absolute favorites.
  9. Ear plugs! Vital. The ones I rely on are “musicians earplugs” or also known as “swimmers earplugs”. I found mine on Amazon, and I rarely, if ever, go anywhere without them. They’re also quite discreet!
  10. Range-grade ear protectors, for when the ear plugs aren’t quite enough for the environment I’m in. I don’t always carry these with me.
  11. A favorite rock, one my husband brought me back from a trip he had with his dad to Ireland. It’s got many bumps and is wonderful to rub with my thumb.
  12. A folding plastic ruler that I enjoy the sounds from when it’s dropped into my hand, as well as the task of folding and unfolding it. I got this fidget when I was a child, so I don’t quite remember where it had been purchased.
  13. A fidget dice I found on Amazon, bigger than a fidget cube and with a couple more fidgets. I enjoy the joystick the most, and the many clicking buttons.
  14. An awesome sculpey worry ‘stone’ my dear and fellow Autistic friend I call Amy-birb had made just for me.
  15. Lastly, one I made, which stays in the car unless my car isn’t being taken. I made it from two dollar store microfiber car cleaning mitts (I picked blue), sewed them together and filled them with a heavy batch of polyfill beads from the craft store, which was the most expensive part. I ride or drive in the car with this pillow in my lap, it helps calm my anxieties immensely.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the little text tour of my Survival Kit! Perhaps in another blog entry, I can explain to you why and where this kit is important and vital. For now, this is the “ingredients” list for my own personal kit. Remember, yours may vary for your needs.


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