How Do I Do It?

Today I’ll be sharing some of my process with you – in particular, my work space and environment for working.

My ideal space for working is daylight, especially during the hours of 10am and 2pm, because the sun is at the best height to provide natural lighting inside my house when all the blinds are open. I prefer this over the lights inside of the house, because of how color appears and it doesn’t bother my eyes.

I have a need for noise that doesn’t shock or disrupt me, which means if I listen to music, that it needs to be non-lyrical. The best thing for this is actually nature sounds, because it mentally transports me to a different and relaxing zone, and helps me focus more than an emotive and lyric-filled song. It also can’t have certain instruments or rhythm changes. If I decide on television instead of music or ambient sounds, I confess I have a bit of a weird one, mostly because the narrator is level-toned, but not too level-toned where I get sucked in (like my secret not-so-secret crush, Neil Degrasse Tyson). I like to have Forensic Files on in the background at a low volume. It sounds morbid, but it works for me.

This is possibly the most important – when I get into a project, I absolutely, positively MUST work on it from beginning until end, with no interruptions from “the call of nature”, hunger, texts, phone calls, pets, etc. Fifteen minutes into a project is when I really begin to concentrate and get into my hyper-focus mode, all else in the world doesn’t exist. I can also get extremely irritable if interrupted, or quite unintentionally don’t realize someone is trying to get my attention.

The last thing for now is that I must have everything I need at my work space. This means I first prepare my desk with the materials I will need, so that I can spend my time where it counts, which is in the making process.



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