How I Run My Business As An Autistic

Well, I don’t entirely. Not yet anyway. I’m a client of Vocational Rehabilitation, a place that helps Neurodivergent and Disabled people who need their own niche to work. Through VR, I have an incredible Counselor and an amazing Self-Employment Specialist. I learn with them how to create a business that I can do with the needs that I have, and that allows me to flourish, so I can be a proper business owner.

One of the biggest issues I struggle with, though, is the combination of work and self-care, as well as my bad habit of comparing myself to workers who are Neurotypical.

I write on this because it came up today with my physical doctor, not just my counselor. Every couple of months, I meet with my doctor to discuss how I’m doing on a medication that is supposed to help with my anxiety and dysthymia. It works wonderfully, but sometimes I have questions for different situations. For example, lately I had been feeling burned out, despite having a task list that accommodates my needs for my disability and maintains mental health.

My doctor and counselor have both pointed out to me that I constantly compare myself to abled and mentally healthy individuals. That breaks are ok, that some days I will do much better than others, and that is also ok.

I suppose my conclusion for this would be – not every Autistic person, or person on the Autism Spectrum, will have the same situation as a business owner. It’s working out very well for me. But burnout happens, sensory interruptions happen, meltdowns happen, adaptations are neededย (I have a little “survival kit” I put together for myself), and all of that is ok. It doesn’t make me (or you) any less of a good business owner.


If you like this post, and would like me to write a little more in-depth, leave a comment so I know for the future!


6 thoughts on “How I Run My Business As An Autistic

    1. Thank you for sharing via this blog. I met you at a Ft Myers Art Walk event, and have not forgotten you!! I especially remember how you explained the concept of neurodiversity to me. (You were selling those buttons and I wanted one.) Altho it may not feel like it, please NEVER FORGET that you are a pioneer in putting yourself out there, educating others, and serving as a wonderful role model. I would love to know what is in your “survival kit.” Also, don’t think that you are unique in falling victim to the comparison trap. I think neurotypical AND neurodiverse folks share this in common: There is ALWAYS someone out there who does it “better” than you. But guess what, there is always someone who does it worse, or doesn’t even TRY!! Kudos to those courageous individuals like yourself who are willing to BE THEMSELVES, and put it out there for the public. I admire your spunk, and your art!!!!

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      1. I sometimes feel very alone in that aspect, or as if I am an “impostor”, but these are things I work on with my counselor. I am happy that I was able to make a good mark in your memory! I’ll definitely be doing a post on my “survival kit” sometime soon. Thank you so very much!


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